Baer Chain Million Ecology Project



Hello everyone, I am Vincent, the founder and CEO of Baer Chain. Baer Chain is a distributed game ecosystem based on blockchain technology architecture. With a decentralized structure, it directly links the constituent molecules of the entire game ecological chain to achieve direct docking, non-destructive circulation and secure storage of individual values.

At present, our main network internal test has come to an end. In the three-month internal test, we have successfully verified the feasibility and stability of the Baer Chain technology architecture;Especially our BAS (Baer Chain Asset Standard) series protocol has achieved excellent performance in the operation of the Baer Chain main network.Therefore, it will be able to support more creative developers, publishing their own games at low cost on Baer Chain, and gather more active players to make Baer Chain's ecology continue to expand.


Consensus is the foundation of ecology, and ecology is the embodiment of consensus. At present, our community ecology has exceeded 660,000 scale, And on a global scale, it has continued to expand rapidly toward the million goal. Supporters and participants in Baer Chain are increasing in North America、Europe and Korea. Therefore, in conjunction with the global public test of the Baer Chain main network,we proposed the MEP(Million Ecology Project) to conduct super-node campaign, helping the faster realization of the million ecological consensus.


Baer Chain has established strategic partnerships with blockchain media such as CoinTelegraph, CryptoSlate, CoinDesk, Coincodex, AMB, NewsBTC, etc. During the MEP event, it will gain authoritative 、extensive and continuous in-depth tracking reports on a global scale. 



The SuperNode will undertake responsibility for all the transactions packaging of the Baer Chain main network,guaranteeing the stable operation of the system, and work together with Baer Chain to build a more prosperous global community ecosystem; at the same time, super node will enjoy the accounting reward and contribution reward.


Baer Chain firmly believes that the blockchain will be integrated into every aspect of everyone's life. Therefore, we welcome not only the blockchain industry, but also more teams or individuals from different industries to join our million ecology project.  Today, Baer Chain has officially launched the website as a dedicated URL for super node campaign and voting. Now,the Super Node registration channel is officially opened.The registration and review period  will last until 21st,April,welcome to sign up.

After completing the registration and reviewing campaign qualification , your profile will be displayed to all voters. The super node's vote will be officially opened at 10:00 am on 22nd April , 2019, Singapore time. It will be officially closed at 10 am on 28th,April, 2019, Singapore time, and 21 super nodes will be selected by voting results.

Specific qualification rules, timeline, voting procedures, candidate details, etc. can be seen above, welcome everyone to participate, let us create the glory of Baer Chain together!

At this moment, I am here to announce that the Baer Chain Global  Million Ecology Project is officially launched! Thank you!