Contest Overview

In order to push the application of blockchain technology in global online games industry and make more people benefit from the technological advancement, the Baer Chain 2018 global super ambassadors contest starts its journey now! This campaign will go to more than 100 cities around the world. The winners of the contest, i.e., supper ambassadors will be designated as the operation officer of the baerchain chief flagship community, to create a million members community with 500 super ambassadors from around the globe. They will be awarded without a limit. At the same time, they have opportunities to participate the Landing BaerChain 2018 Global Cities Release Conferences. The countries or cities include Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Xi’an, Chengdu, etc.
Register Channels
Channel 1 :

login in to the official site of BaerChain:, fill in the forms and submit

Channel 2 :

Scan the QR code of Baer Chain custom service, please remark: contest for 2018 Baer Chain super ambassador. Follow the steps hinted by custom service and you’ll finish the register. 【BaerChain QR code】scan for the latest updates.

Campaign rules
Volunteer campaign:
  • 1.Worldwide, block chain enthusiasts, and have relevant professional knowledge and participation experience.
  • 2.Familiarity with community, community operation and management and maintenance.
  • 3.There are certain industry contacts and fans accumulated, with certain community influence and appeal.
Contributor campaign:
  • 1.Through the early promotion of channel operation to obtain BRC full 100;
  • 2.Independent completion of individual 500 people community building;
  • 3.Recommend excellent community volunteers to run for the campaign.
Manager campaign:
  • 1.Assist in organizing BaerChain offline community and other activities.
  • 2.Twitter, telegram, WeChat and other domestic and foreign social media community management and maintenance;
  • 3.Take regular participation in the Baer chain core team meeting.
Incentive mechanism
  • 1.BaerChain global roadshow invites you to join the industry in a big distance.
  • 2.Enjoy personal and team Community Building Fund Award support.
  • 3.Baer business school takes you quickly and participates in the hot projects of the block chain, expanding your contacts, systematically learning to improve the community's operation and management capabilities, and cultivating and shaping the leaders of the super community.
  • 4.Every significant progress in the project and volunteers who are actively involved in the promotion will receive a certain amount of BRC award.
  • 5.Reward contributors per month (1000-3000) BRC.
  • 6.A monthly reward Manager (3000-5000) is BRC.
  • 7.Excellent community managers can enter the BaerChain core team opportunity.
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