Crypto Mondays Interview with Vincent


Recently, Baer Chain's CEO — Vincent was invited to participate in the off- line Meet up of Crypto Mondays Asia and received in-depth interviews. Here's an excerpt from the highlights of Vincent's interview 

Q:Did the development of the market in 2018 surprise you or did you anticipate the slump?


In fact,this year's slump was in our expectation.

At that time,the rise was far beyond the psychological expectations of all rational people.Crazy greed is a dangerous signal.Therefore,it is not a good time to earn the quick or easy money.

We know about this,so we decided to enter the market -- From the perspective of the life cycle of technology development,any new technology wakes up from the early false prosperity,and then crosses the gap and enters the mature development period,which will take a long time;After the excessive speculation bubble in the secondary market bursts,the industry can begin to return to rationality. People really start to pay attention to the application of technology.At this time, our technology development can be accelerated,and finally the value of the land can be used to lead the entire industry into real maturity,a stable mainstream development period.


With such basic judgments,no matter what the next market is,we will keep the initial intention,which is to implement blockchain application in the game industry by technology-driven.


Q:Do you think 2018 was a good or a bad year for blockchain? 


It can be said that there is no better time for industry development than 2018.The bear market is laid out in advance,so that after the big bubble bursts,there is sufficient preparation to deal with it. 

If we go back to the end of 2000 and early 2001,the situation of last winter of the Internet is not better than it is now.Those who didn’t really understand the trend only were dominated by pessimism and panic,and then they were unable to make rationality and calm judgment.Only when you see the opportunity in the critical winter and see the trend,then you are qualified to lay out the future and finally you will have chance to soar after the environment warms up.

In 2016 and before,we were not able to build a good technical team - at that time,the blockchain was still dominated by geeks and small circles,and even in 2017,we still couldn’t build a good technical team.Attracted by virtually high bubbles,countless high-capacity people entered the market,and the cost of working with them was not something that our start-ups could afford. 

By 2018,the situation got much better - the capable people continuously entered,the bubble burst,and the cost was reduced,which was the best time to build a dream team.Facts have proved the accuracy of our judgment and blueprint.We have now set up a technical team of more than 30 people,and the main network launch time is advanced to April next year.

Q:Is the current slump something like a healthy correction or do you think it will harm the whole industry?


The whole industry is turning into practice,and good token drives out bad token.This is a very healthy metabolic mechanism.Of course, from the current stage,the continuous plunge will have a great impact on the confidence of most participants, but under such circumstances,projects that can still persist will overcome the technology gap and ultimately bring blockchain to the public.