2018 Global Blockchain Investment Summit Forum



At the end of 2018, the industry's annual ceremony——“2018 Global Blockchain Investment Summit Forum,which was held in Hong Kong,on December 28, is at the intersection of international financial development and technological innovation. Blockchain Industry’s leading practitioners and investors gathered in the summit forum, with a high-level vision, the industry development for the whole year was re-listed, and the trend of 2019 was predicted.


As the pioneer of global game public chain,Singapore Baer Chain has been invited by the organizers for its dual advantages of technology and ecology in the ups and downs of 2018. It has been recognized by many authoritative experts both inside and outside the industry and has become a high-profile project attracting worldwide attention. Founder and chief architect officer  A-Ray attended the event as a representative.


At the conference, A-Ray delivered a keynote speech as the invited guest. During his speech, he pointed out that since its inception, Baer Chain has taken "bringing more value to the game industry through technological evolution" as it’s mission, and has been practicing it ever since. Therefore, Baer Chain can use real technological progress and application landing to against the cold winter and create great value.

As a senior practitioner in the game industry, A-Ray has a profound understanding of the development of the whole industry. He said that the Internet has broken the space issue of connection, so that information can be freely disseminated; and the technology of block chain can make the Internet evolve from information transmission to value transmission, so it will create a greater and brilliant industry miracle. Today's so-called”blockchain winter”, in fact, like the Internet winter of 2000, just washed away those who has only had concepts, but can not achieve the application of speculative projects landing, to the reality,so that projects that really change the pattern of the industry can better emerge.


The concept of new economy in game,proposed by Singapore Baer Chain Foundation does not wrap up the false concept that can't be landed. Instead,it uses blockchain technology to empower the traditional game industry, create a scene more suitable for industry development and market demand, and create more value for the industry through the actual landing of applications.


Baer Chain always insists that all participants can share resources in the whole ecological platform in a low-cost, efficient and collaborative way. And which is committed to building a self-consistent ecological system with high value and efficient circulation, and making outstanding technical contributions to the application of the global game industry with block chain.