BCC2019:Vincent & Vitalik



At 8:30 am PST on January 11,2019,The“Blockchain Connect Conference 2019", a highly professional and authoritative head of the global blockchain summit, which was hold in San Francisco, USA. The founder of Baer Chain, CEO Vincentwas invited as a special guest to attend this event. 


Meanwhile, the founder of Ethereum——Vitalik Buterin , Intel Lab Chief Engineer——Mic Bowman, and professor-level experts and scholars from top universities are all invited to attend this event with Vincent. They took turns to give speeches at the summit to conduct the most-cutting edge collision of information, technology and thoughts. In addition, they exchanged their own unique insights into the current status of the blockchain industry and future trends. 


At the summit, Vincent gave speech about“Baer Chain's architecture and future trend of games + blockchain". He mentioned that the blockchain has gone through the first decade from birth to ignorance. In 2019, as an important part of whole industry that will grow from the childhood to youth. Undoubtedly, the key word is application. In this process of growing, the game is inherently self-consistent with the data-driven, and it has inner economic self-cycle. Therefore, it inherently has traits that could blend with the blockchain. Meanwhile, the game + blockchain track most likely to be the first to achieve the full application this year. 

Baer Chain has followed this trend as a development strategy and plan since its established. Therefore, it does not blindly develop a large and comprehensive public chain. Instead, it put all the energy and resources to focus on the vertical track of the game + blockchain. By using specific application scenario-game to optimize the underlying public chain in a target manner. Thus, it is the first to achieve both efficiency and safety in the industry. With the efficiency and security, the blockchain + game can really has the fundamental technology technical support for landing applications. 

Vincent continues to say that the realizable landing application is not solely based on the advantage of technology development in the solution of the Baer Chain. While continuing to invest in technology development, Baer Chain has also built up a consensus community of over 570,000 in a global scale. Through the active and prosperity of life and the development of the technology, which in turns leads to the possibility of actual application landing. 


At the summit, In Vitalik’s speech,He said: "CBC Casper (correct-by-construction Casper) is a new and secure asynchronous Byzantine fault-tolerant consensus. In order to join the system, verifiers need to deposit a certain proportion of ETH as a security deposit, which can increase the cost of malicious nodes. CBC can not only be used for any POS, but also effectively improve scalability. It will also be deployed faster in the Ethereum. 


Ethereum and Baer Chain also continue to break the bottleneck of inefficiency of traditional POW through technology development iteration, and consolidate their own industry advantages. The SH-DPoS consensus mechanism is optimized by Baer Chain, which can not only punish malicious nodes like CBC Casper, but also retrospectively mark them through self-healing mechanism to further improve block speed and efficiency.


The global block chain industry takes“academic”as the opening line in 2019,which means the development trend of transforming from substantial to fictitious. It has become the consensus of industry’s head, experts and leaders, which will guide whole industry return to reality and transform from advocating concepts to application landing. In addition, bringing more positive, rational element to the pace of development. At the end of the summit, Baer Chain won the "2018 Leading Blockchain Industry Pioneers"awarded by the organizers of the conference.Baer Chain has been adhering to the core development ideas of application landing to guide the advancement of the technology. Thus, it can take the lead in the planing and lay out its own unique trend in the general trend.