Silicon Valley:Baer Chain Tec Day



Today, at the center of the worlds technology and innovation - Silicon Valley, San Francisco, California, USA. The offline meet up with the theme of Baer Chain Tec Day was held by Singapore Bain Chain.Founder of Baer Chain, CEO Vincent and Vitalik were both invited to the BlockChain Connect Conference Academic 2019". After the talking and discussing at the BCC Academic Summit, Vincent was immediately followed by researchers and senior practitioners who work in the Silicon Valley blockchain Industry, investors who focus on the financial technology, and the experts who work in the gaming industry. They took turn to discuss with Vincent after the meeting, and passionately participate in the offline meet up in Baer Chain Tec Day.


Vincent introduced to the guest about a series of technical breakthroughs made by Baer Chain in 2018 in the meet up. Meanwhile, he emphasized the dual-core technology architecture of DCC and RDSN.How to achieve the actual landing of a million-level TPS through decentralized and distributed method under the existing digital technology, and incorporates the original SH-DPoS Consensus mechanism that optimized by the Baer Chain international technical team and the cross-chain system of LSAC and SBSC. For the very first time, the blockchain technology is truly break out the of the simple concept of speculation, and realize the application landing of game experience, entertaining, and revenue coexistence in the new economic game.

Baer Chains benchmark is currently based on smart contracts in the blockchain industry. Ethereum, which represents blockchain 2.0, and the EOS that claimed to the fastest public chain in TPS. Focusing on the development of underlying public chain in terms of Blockchain and Vertical game track, which is the cornerstone of competitiveness in Baer Chain. Not only it can be optimized for specific scenario of the game and provide the efficient TPS support. Meanwhile, development cost of game developers in Baer Chain is much lower than that of EOS and Ethereum, so it has the dominant advantage in this area.


Most of Blockchain practitioners who participatesd in Meetup, are strongly agreed the idea of let the application landing to guide the technology developmentadvocated by Baer Chain. While they are developing the technology at the front line of the industry, they feel that the importance of practical use for production, so it will has its own value and the possibility of sustainable development. However, practitioners who work in the gaming industry are more interested in the new economic concept of the game, which proposed by Singapore Baer Chain Foundation. The head of well-known game studio Joyparty provided his own insights during the Meetup, and he said “ Baer Chain provides the best approach for small-medium game developers to evolve from traditional games to Blockchain games, and it is optimal solution to realize the benefits of developers, players and ecological platforms."

Through this Silicon Valley Meetup, Baer Chain is standing at the forefront of the technology industry, and leading to extreme inspiring and forward-looking thoughts.Baer Chains trip to the US is still on, and Vincent will spread the voice of the pioneer of global public game chain to the whole industry, and keeps leading the Game + Blockchain vertical track in the future.