Los Angeles:Baer Chain Eco Day



Sun is still shining in LA’s winter, and Baer Chains trip to the United State has reached an crucial point. Since Vincent and Vitalik were invited to BBC Academic Summit to give out speeches and discussion on January 11, Baer Chain has attracted the attention of many researchers and practitioners in the Blockchain industry. Earlier this month, Baer Chains offline Meetup in Silicon Valley was highly praised by participants. Today, Baer Chain arrives in Los Angeles, hosted by Founder and CEO Vincent, for the third stop of his trip to the United States, an offline meetup with the theme of  Baer Chain Eco Day

This MeetUp has attracted hundreds of leading investors in financial technology, game players and game developers, including Paul Buchheit, a well-known frontier investor, Monte Cristo, a Youtube game streamer with million fans and Jade Raymond, a game developer


Vincent explained in the MeetUp that Baer Chain has made great breakthroughs and developments in ecology in the long run, in addition to seeking technological breakthroughs and developing the game’s underlying public chain since its launch in 2017. Baer Chain can use its unique ecological structure to subvert to traditional operational mode and meet the interests of users. Based on the brand new incentive mechanism, combined with stable and powerful third party resources, which make Baer Chain’s ecosystem expand rapidly and reach a high level of consensus, so it can create more value and maintain the vitality of the whole ecosystem.Currently, Baer Chain has established 330,000 ecological communities and attracted 270,000 users to join Baer Chain’s Token management system. 

Participants in this MeetUp agree on the ecological architecture of Baer Chain. They believe that Baer Chain’s data and achievements are convincing enough, and the possibility of a new  game economy has been confirmed under the uniquedouble-helix architecture of technology and ecology. Baer Chain's philosophy has been understood and accepted by more practitioners. Moreover, the practitioners in theBlockchain industry have gained a new direction in the industry from the achievement that made by Baer Chain. One of the participants, well-known game producer Jade Raymond, said after the meeting thatthe MeetUp has provided a perfect new idea for solving the industry's dilemma, which may become a starting point for a miracle.


As the pioneer of the global game public chainIn 2019, Baer Chain will adhere to its unique concept, actively face challenges and opportunities, and exert greater dominance of the enthusiasm and innovation as the leader, leading the continuous and sustainable development of the Blockchain industry, which in turn create a new chapter in value, and build a better future for the global Blockchain application.