Banquet with Korean goverment



The 2019 Blockchain Pyeongchang Forum (BPF2019), hosted by the Korean government and sharing the vision of the fourth industrial revolution with the global Blockchain elites. It was held on January 28, 2019 in Gangwon-do, South Korea. Baer Chain was specially invited to this event, and the founder and chief archited A-Ray led the team to attend the meeting.

 From the right, Baer Chain founder A-Ray, BHEX Jianhua Ju, Nodecapital Jun Du, and Huobi CEO Yuming Yuan.

On the day before start of the conference (January 27, 2019), A-Ray participated in a closed-door dinner hosted by Korean government, and with the provincial governor of Gangwon-do Wenxun Cui and other Korean leaders and global Blockchain industrial leaders, they discussed the future of the industry and the overall planning and development direction of Korean Blockchain industry. At the dinner, A-Ray briefed Governor WenXun Cui on the industrial advantage that Baer Chain achieved through technology and ecology in 2018, and put forward his own views on the future application of Blockchain technology; moreover, A-Ray had in-depth discussion with the guests during the dinner.


After successfully hosting the Winter Olympics, Gangwon-do has made the world realized its potential as a high-growth city. The South Korean government also hopes that with the largest international Blockchain forum in Korea, Gangwon-do will once again become the global focal point of emerging technology and seize the opportunities of future technology and business development.

A-Ray and the provincial governor of Gangwon-do,Wenxun Cui

The provincial governor of Gangwon-do, Wenxun Cui, he said, in the past 2018, the first year of the application of Blockchain technology, the Korean Blockchain technology has made great achievements in the construction of municipal, network, finance, medical,logistics and other fields. In 2019, South Korea will focus on the construction of the Blockchain industry in Gangwon-do as a governmental key work and promote it.  

A-Ray said that as a pioneer on the global game public chain, Baer Chain dedicates to change the traditional game ecological landscape through blockchain technology. Through the architecture of the technology and ecological double helix core, and using actual result to make a good demonstration of the benign and rational industrial development. As a team with strong core technology, Baer Chain can help the planning and construction of the regional Blockchain industrial zone in Gangwon-do. Korean, as a leading project in the global Blockchain industry. This is the honor and proud of Baer Chain.


During the dinner, A-Ray and governor Wenxun Cui conducted in-depth discussions and exchange information in terms of the overall architectural planning and construction ideas on the Gangwon-do Blockchain industrial zone, and reached a preliminary conclusion on the cooperation direction between Baer Chain and Gangwon-do government intention. For the upcoming event BPF 2019, Baer Chain will continue to speak to the world in Gangwon-do, making it faster for the industry to move away from reality and benign development, and to fulfill its responsibility as the leader of the Blockchain+Game field.  

A-Ray and CSDN Yan Meng

It is a milestone in the development of Baer Chain, which is highly recognized by the Korean government and participates in the construction of national Blockchain industrial projects, and contributes to the progress of global Blockchain industry with its own strength. The tide of the Blockchain has come to the fore, Baer Chain will continue to take the lead in the field of Blockchain application, and use the strong direction to lead the trend of the world.