Blockchain Pyeongchang Forum



On January 28, 2019, the Blockchain Pyeongchang Forum (BPF2019) was held in Gangwon-do, South Korea. As the benchmark for the global Blockchain industry, Singapore Baer Chain was officially invited by the Korean government. Founder and Chief Architect A-Ray attended the forum and worked with global Blockchain industry leaders to address the hot issues of the global Blockchain. Exploring and presenting the world more possibilities for the development of the Blockchain industry, which will dominate the four industrial revolution.

The theme of the forum is “Intelligent Entity Economy, Meeting the Future of Blockchain” from five aspects: “new city construction”, “medical bio-industry”, “real economy”, “tourism energy food industry” and “public innovation policy”. It outlines the blueprint for the future of the Blockchain industry, and purposes the development framework of the integration of Blockchain and real economy from the macro level.


While exploring the Blockchain economic solution, the forum also provides a international communication platform for everyone. At the “Expert Economic Forum” where global Blockchain experts gathered around, and they used the public perspective to describe the commercialization of technology and the discovery of the new industries, and deeply shared the current status and future of the Blockchain.

A-Ray said in the speech that the current status of the Blockchain industry is like the early days of the Internet, full of huge value space, and games as virtual products, relying on offline resources is minor, and it is easier to master and design consumption scenarios. And it can rapidly expand the consumer market through the Internet.

As the pioneer of the game public chain, Baer Chain has built a decentralized sharing platform through double helix architecture of technology and ecological development, solving the core pain points of the traditional game industry, and reshaping the structure of the game industry. In addition, transforming everyone’s behavior, trust into digital assets, which will create business value, and make application landing to guide the technology development. Now, Baer Chain has already applied for national patent certification including distributed application technology. Baer Chain will have over 100 core technology patents in the future.


It is reported that this forum was hosted by the Gangwon province government and co-organized by the Korea Digital Currency (KDC). In the entire Korean government, several top leaders of the country attended the conference. On the evening of January 2th, A-Ray and global leaders of Blockchain industry participated in a closed-door banquet with leaders of Korean government. At the banquet, A-Ray had a discussion with the leaders of the South Korea government. The leaders of Korean Government said that the Blockchain allows everyone to enter the new era of valuable internet from the information internet, and they also highly praises and sincerely appreciates the development of Baer Chain game ecological layout.

According to relevant sources of the forum, the forum will focus on how to solve the information flooding problem in terms of the core field of the fourth industrial revolution in Blockchain, and will work together with experts in the global Blockchain industry to jointly develop relevant international standards. This forum will have profound meaning.

Blockchain technology has brought about major changes. Baer Chain also wants to contribute to the more benign development of the global virtual economy through Blockchain technology to improve the virtual economy form of the online game ecological landscape.

On January 22, Hong Kong listed company Great World Company Holdings LTD and Baer Chain Foundation signed a contract to strategically invest and help Baer Chain Foundation to complete official launch in the Hong Kong stock market. In 2019, it will become a year for Baer Chain to dominate the global market and get a good harvest.