Logic Layer:

Founding Rules of BaerChain Ecology Value

The strengthened SH-DPoS optimized by BaerChain technology team could increase the self-healing ability, So it's more efficient and secure than traditional DPoS.
Physical layer:

BaerChain Ecological value produces distributed nodes

Value layer:

BaerChain Ecological value Circulation and Token consumption Exchange platform

Communication layer:

BRC Connect all things

Ecological entry (currently 570,000 ecological users)

Ecological entry
(Currently 570,00 ecological users)
  • Traffic support

    support for tens of millions of users

  • Data Support

    support tens millions of user

  • Speed

    low latency, making one block be generated within one second, to reach million TPS

  • Resource Storage & Invoke

    support scheduling of dynamic resources, distribute resources like computing bandwidth and storage, etc., according to demands

  • Operation Efficiency

    provide application operation support of high availability and high fault-tolerance

  • ● Digital Fingerprint(DF)

    The super node uses certificate signed block, other node (alternative node and common node) to use the certificate to encrypt communication, and the user uses the private key to sign the transaction.

  • ● Decentralized Computing Cluster(DCC)

    Quorom is used to de centralization resource collaboration. Real time evaluation of the computing power, memory and bandwidth resources in the network, and dynamic scheduling based on a unified Matrix Scheduler service. In addition, aiming at the requirement of network delay detection, supporting Lighting Gateway service enables DCC to respond to the delay sensitive and high frequency services in the network very fast.

  • ● Redundancy Distributed Storage Network(RDSN)

    Using the consistency algorithm to build and cooperate with the entire distributed storage network, RDSN can carry out Sharding (multiple backup) and encrypt distribution of the files within the network, and the network uses Object Storage manages data to achieve permanent distributed storage of resource files.

  • ● Static Business-resource Summary Chain(SBSC)

    SBSC and RDSN are used to store data block Summary information on the chain and establish a resource Index directory to facilitate fast positioning and checking data in the RDSN network. The network achieves high expectations, high stability and strong safety targets.

  • ● LSAC

    LSAC will define a variety of asset data standards to facilitate the access of the entire ecological and structural assets, while strengthening the privacy protection of asset data and the ability to resist malicious attacks. The absolute security of the value asset data of the chain.

  • ● CREM

    CREM is the incentive layer of the whole public chain system. Through the construction of the Mining model of ecological behavior and resources, a positive feedback mechanism is formed to promote the gradual strengthening of the ecology. At the same time, CREM is also controlled The operation of other automation mechanisms (income and consumption) is made, and the adaptive dynamic compensation mechanism is used to provide elastic and reliable support for the operation of economic ecology.

  • ● BVMC

    The Baer chain will provide a compatibility layer for a variety of mainstream virtual machines, making smart contracts more friendly to developers, reducing developers' learning costs, and preparing to build Internet Bridge opens up the dynamic interaction between intelligent contracts and the Internet, and widens the application scenarios of intelligent contracts.

  • ● Self-Healing DPoS

    the enhanced SH-Healing DPoS consensus algorithm optimized by BaerChain Technical Team can increase the self-healing of DPoS algorithm. At the same time, this kind of structure assures that when malicious blocks appear, not only the blocks lablled as Cancer will be mitigated to guarantee the security of the whole public chain, but also the useful information in Cancer blocks will be abstracted to have them re-used, promoting the speed of generating blocks after meeting malicious blocks. Therefore, when meeting malicious blocks, the SH-DPoS is more efficient and securer than the traditional one, assuring the high-efficiency of error-correction, fast delivery and strict protection of values from the underlying logics.

  • Games Chaining

    relying on dual-chain of LSAC and SBSC, assets and game re-sources will both be chained by RDSN providing distributed sto-rage of resources and DDC providing computing that game operations require, any types of games are on the chain forever.
  • Players download

    when obtaining the hash index of game resources baesd on SBSC and downloading, users can download the correct game resource kit to local nodes via RDSN.
  • Game Operation

    when players are operating games, DCC schedules proce-dures according to computing capability and arrange comput-ing procedure of game server in a containerized way.
  • Asset Chaining

    User can match the nearest and fastest DCC nodes via Lightening Gateway, realizing smooth game experiences with super low latency. During playing games, DCC communicates with LSAC via BGDK, writing users’ asset data into blocks real-time, securing user assets.