BaerChain is a game platform for distributed intelli gent contracts based on block chains. It will subvert the traditional game industry rules,The structure of the whole game ecological chain is directly linked by the decentralized structure.,To achieve the docking, circulation, and storage of assets.

BaerChain The team is responsible for building the bottom chain and the ecosystem of the game, and provides the underlying technology and intelligent contract for the global game developers. Ecologically,It will realize and cooperate with the economic system of the game and the BRC economic system, and the exchange of virtual currency in each game can also be converted into the value through the seamless connection with the BRC.The BRC Token obtained in the game can also be exchanged for other currencies.

  • Current Situation
    numerous but non-flourishing
    Developing traditional online games is a high-tech and composite engineering, which easily leads to the over concentra-tion of resources and monopoly. There-fore, less than 1% tycoons are occupying more than 70% of market share nowadays, which results in problems like severe homogenization, innovationas are hard to come forward, vitality and the industry’s self-evolving are deeply oppressed.
  • Development
    centralized data
    The most serious headache for middle- and small-size game developers is not making games, but selling games. The inputs on promoting and placing are usually more than that on development itself. Problems such as distribution channels being overly simplex and excessive commissioning by intermi diaries that have absolute discourse power lead to the all-the-time hidden rule of making noise rather making products, thus resulting in a vicious endless loop that players do not buy and products could not progress.
  • Player Values
    Depreciation Risk
    In traditional online games, players have limited right of using virtual assets but without the real ownership, which causes a situation that values created by players’ behaviours from playing to top-up are taking risks like depreciation and even returning to zero. In this case, the buying power of buyers are not completely unleashed.
Previously, the online public chain in the online game industry mostly position to a wide range of and multiple application scenarios, the time for a block to confirm a transaction irreversible is between 1 sec and 60 mins. This speed could not meet requirements of frequent, high concurrent, and constant-timely-millisecond-process of traditional games. The main chain already used have issues regarding stability, flexibility and expensive resources.
The BaerChain team has years’ experiences in games. It comes up with sound logic design and compatibility for blockchain underlying technology development and solutions to issues in blockchain game applications like high concurrency, dense calculation, anti-cheating and account security, etc. In addition, on the basis of consensus algorithm DPoS, BaerChain has updated & optimized with a unique advantageous consensus mechanism—SH-DPoS, which is with strong self-healing ability. In cases with malicious nodes, SH-DPoS could heal itself efficiently, improving the efficiency and security of generating blocks. Given various game scenarios, BaerChain implements TPS optimization from the bottom, accelerating the storing of static game resources together with distributed storage, and separates asset data of different frequencies and values in games by providing multiple chains, accessing to the special DCC accelerator. As a result, it can provide high-performance response support to complicated real-time games. In the future, the main chain of BaerChain can meet the requirements for operation processing of all the games from the first to the fourth tier.